1/100 IMS S.S.I. Kubalkans the Bang




IMS Series Description】

 IMS001 『SCHOLTI Super Immortal KUBALKANS “the BANG”』

 One of the three great MORTAR HEADDs (MH) of the Star Cluster, the BANG DOLL was said
to be the most popular in the galaxy.

 The BANG DOLL is the flagship craft of the Lown Knights from the Holy Kubalkans Empire.
Knights who have both exceptional skill and charisma can pilot it. Its official name is the
S.S.I. KUBALKANS, short for SCHOLTI Super Immortal KUBALKANS and it reflects
the eternal glory of Kubalkan.

 During its development, Dr Sutoi Warner designed the craft as it undergoes final tuning by
Dr Rumiran Kurosubin. This makes it a brand-charged machine unequalled to the Cluster
that is the Fatima control system, created by Chrome Ballanche.

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