Metallic Reflective Tape Set


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Reflective tape can be cut to shape for various reflective details like eyes, warning signs and knotch effect.

Detailed explanation
-Aluminum-deposited polyester tape that is resistant to moisture and has little expansion and contraction.
-Since it is adhesively processed, it can be pasted as it is.
-In addition to decoration and packaging, it can be used for various purposes such as danger prevention signs and repair of plated parts.

[How to use]
-Wipe off dust, oil, moisture, etc. on the surface to be pasted before pasting.

Product specifications (specs)

Color: Gold, silver, red, blue, green
Body size (approx.): Width 5mm x length 3M (per piece)
Package size (approx.): Width 61 x depth 47 x height 47mm
Material: Polyester
origin Country: Japan

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