Easy Marker Airbrush [Generic Brand]


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This product is specially designed for model beginners.
Marker removes the pen cap and gently presses the tip on a surface to let the paint flow to the tip of the Marker Air Brush.
Then insert the marker into the hole which has an automatic shrink function, it will automatically clip the marker.
The marker is connected to the air pump with a pipe and inserted into the marker to adjust the nib and the air outlet to a straight line. It is easy to turn on the compressor and press the switch: spray the model.
If you need to change the color during use, just replace the marker.
The marker itself does not need to be cleaned. This is a spray tool suitable for beginners of the model.
For User who are not familiar with the marker, as long as they have this product, they can easily master the painting technique and can easily play the model color, making the painting easier.
Suitable for standard Gundam Markers.
Reference: marker pen diameter size 13-14mm

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