Hasegawa – 1/1500 Pirate Ship Arcadia Second Ship (Phantom Death Shadow Conversion) Restocked


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Hasegawa brings us a beautifully realized 1/1500-scale kit of the Arcadia from 1978’s “Space Pirate Captain Harlock” TV series! This is the second design of the Arcadia (the first was the skull-nosed green craft first seen in “Galaxy Express 999”; a link to Hasegawa’s sharp kit of that version is linked below!), and among the many features of this kit are the fact that the main gun turrets rotate vertically and independently, extra parts are provided to reproduce the ferocious bow ram, and two in-scale Cosmo Wing aircraft are also included. Check out the exquisitely detailed baroque trim on the poopdeck and bow! Molded in color so paint is not necessary, but as with just about any kit, paint will improve the appearance. If you’re a fan of this legendary anime, you need this ship!

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