HG 1/48 Reginleif (Shin Use)




The Reginleif from “86 -EIGHTY SIX-” gets a new model kit from Bandai! It has stronger armor on its torso and legs compared to the Juggarnaut, as well as a greater volume. Intense action poses are possible thanks to the multiple movable points at the base of its torso, leg joints, and leg armor. A drawer joint in the back allows for natural posing; the armaments carried on its back can be used with other mecha from the series, too. The pile driver at the tip of the leg can also be pulled out; wire anchors are also included to recreate battle scenes (with two types of tip parts). The canopy can open and close, and a figure of Shin is included that can be placed in the cockpit. It’s equipped with a smoothbore gun and a pair of high-frequency blades, too. Order yours now!


Smoothbore gun
High-frequency blade (x2)
Lead wire (x2)
Marking stickers

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