HG 1/72 Aaronrhino New Release





The North American Alliance Army’s latest mass-produced machine, the Aaron Rhino, from “Kyoukai Senki” is now a High Grade model kit from Bandai! With an emphasis on expandability, 3mm-diameter connection holes are placed in various places to allow customization. If you combine it with the weapon set series (sold separately), you can create your own custom model! It’s equipped with a variety of weapons, such as a knife, assault rifle, and chain gun. A knife can be mounted under the armpit, and both “battle mode” and “enemy search mode” can be reproduced with parts replacement. Combine it with the HG V-33 Stalk Carry to display it in transport mode! Order yours today!


Assault rifle
Head replacement parts
Hand parts (x1 set)
Joint parts (x1 set)
Stickers (x2 types)

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