HG Crossbone X2 Kai [P-Bandai]


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The space pirate pirate gundam X2 restored from “Mobile Suit Pirate Gundam” debuts in the HGUC series! In “Mobile Suit Pirate Gundam”, the Pirate Gundam X2 has been launched in HGUC. Reproduce the unique body shape and weapon of the Pirate Gundam X2!
● Reproduce the most distinctive shape of X2! A part of the head, the blade antenna, and the back thruster that are different from the X1 form are reproduced in a new shape. ・ A part of the shape of the head and the blade antenna head is reproduced with a new shape. The characteristic blade antenna arranged on the upper part can adjust the angle shape. The side design is also reproduced with plastic molds. ・ The front end shape of the back thruster is enlarged and reproduced with new components.
● Destruction Cannon Included! The special large weapon Destruction Cannon used by the Pirate Gundam X2 is included in a detailed and exquisite new shape. The total length is about 150mm.
● In addition to scissors anchors, there are a variety of other accompanying weapons. Weapon-specific hand components are also available. Equipped with weapons: Destructive Cannon / Scissor Anchor / Electric Short Knife / Laser Sword / Chopping Cannon (Laser Chopping Fencing / Destructive Gun) / Soldering Iron Marker / Laser Shield
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1/144 ratio, assembled plastic model suitable for age: 8 years and over. Raw material: PS ・ PE ・ PVC ・No glue is required during assembly
The finished product is a trial product under development and is a spray paint product. May differ slightly from the actual product.

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