HG High Mobility Prototype Zaku (GTO) [P-Bandai]


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With consideration to the Genealogies of MS, THE ORIGIN MSD is reproduced with HG kit !
“MS-06RD-4 Zaku High Mobility Test Type”, which was born from an evolutionary lineage of Zaku series MS, is released !!
From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN] MSD (Mobile Suits Discovery),
memorable appearance scene in OVA [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE 08th MS TEAM], Zaku High Mobility Test Type is released in HG series kit.
The impressive coloring is reproduced with colored molding, and the characteristic body parts and weapons are completely reproduced by new molding !!
● The impressive color combination of purple, blue, and black are reproduced by colored molding !
● Every part of the characteristic MS is reproduced !
     The characteristic shape of the head, chest, shoulder armor, waist, backpack, and legs are
     reproduced by using new molding.
     The unique and ingenious detail of THE ORIGIN kit is achieved and well reproduced with abundant
● MS Machine Gun reproduced !
     The included Machine Gun is reproduced by new molding. The shape and detail differ from the
     Machine Gun held by Zaku II.
● Waist joint parts are newly included and the Heat Hawk can be attached to the waist part.
● Original Marking included !
Weapons : MS Machine Gun /Heat Hawk

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