HG Leo (Space Type) [P-Bandai]



“The mass-produced MS Leo, used by various factions such as OZ and the United Earth Sphere Alliance

in [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM W], is now released in HG series with its space option unit !



● Various space type options reproduced by new molding

  Options such as the unit equipped on its back to operate it in space,

   and also the extra verniers mounted on its shoulders are reproduced by new molding.



  The front and rear verniers mounted on its shoulders for operating in space, and the armor piece that

   connects in between the two are reproduced by new molding.


  Space option unit

  The option unit that combines the base and the large propellant tank which also functions as an attitude control vernier reproduced.


● A massive collection of options to recreate the mobile suit in the story !

  Along with new weapon parts, it also includes the Drum Gun and the Shield that comes with the normal Leo.

  It also comes with two types of shoulder armors to switch between space and ground types.

  Also, the Colony Type Beam Rifle can switch between long and short types by changing parts.


● The most memorable purple-colored version reproduced by color molding !

  The purple coloring used by the United Earth Sphere Alliance and White Fang and seen in action

  in the story many times is reproduced by color molding. Combine it with multiple kits to recreate

  group operations and action scenes.



Weapons : Long Type Beam Rifle / Short Type Beam Rifle / Colony Type Beam Rifle

       / Mega Beam Cannon / Drum Gun / Beam Saber / Shield”

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