HG Pale Rider Cavalry [P-Bandai] Restocked


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The “Pale Rider Plan” continues with another High Grade Pale Rider model! This time, Premium Bandai features the Pale Rider Cavalry type from the Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories Missing Link.

The kit shares some of its molds to the previously released HGUC 1/144 Pale Rider series kits, added with armaments necessary for the Cavalry type Pale Rider. All of molds were also injected with new plastic colors and separated between white and navy blue parts.

The head part includes two blade antennas that were completely newly molded specifically for this kit, that also includes the clear blue molded parts that adds a little more detailing to its head part.

Its backpack features 6 thrusters and a propellant tank!

The kit is also completed with stickers and some parts that presents HADES mode and for variation purposes.

It is also completed with its weapons that includes the 3-in-1 weapon called Shekina which features a giant gatling gun, a mega beam launcher, and a micro missile launcher. Also,, an optional beam javelin can be equipped with matching shield, hyper beam rifle, and beam sabers!

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