HG Psycho Shard Expansion Effect Unit for Neo Zeong [P-Bandai]


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The final battle of horror in “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC”! Reappeared the scene occurring in “Psycho-Shard” with Neo Zeong! With a huge, 660mm diameter!
From “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC”, the impressive Neo Zeong “ Psycho-Shard” in the animation is reproduced by model kit!!
 This product is an effect unit that combines with 「HGUC 1/144 NEO ZEONG」 (sold separately), and reappears “ Psycho-Shard” from the show.                
            *This product does not come with 「HGUC 1/144 NEO ZEONG」 (currently on sale at model kit shops).
● Reproduce ‘ Psycho-Shard’from the animation with model kit!
    Diameter after assembled the Psycho-Shard scene: approximately 660 mm Parts diameter: approximately 30mm
● ‘ Psycho-Shard’ is reproduced in a clear yellow mold!
     The surface is molded with honeycomb pattern to show the image of the moment that Psycho-Shard occured.
     *‘ Psycho-Shard’ cannot be displayed on its own (the yellow parts).
       As shown in the photo, Psycho-Shard is separated into 8 parts, forming a round shape and secured by the frame tip of
       Psycho-Shard generator part.
● ‘Psycho-Shard Generator’ is reproduced by molding too!
     The form of ‘Psycho-Shard Generator’ opening from the sides of the shoulders is reproduced by model kit, together with stretch structure.
     The image of the moment that Psycho-Shard occurs can be reappeared.
     The stretch shaft of the generator can be displayed by itself without equipping the Psycho-Shard.
〈Set includes〉
・ Psycho-Shard (8 pieces)
・ Psycho-Shard Generator x 1 set
・ Psycho-Shard Display supporting shaft x 2
 * This product does not come with 「HGUC 1/144 NEO ZEONG」.
   (The MS main body stand shown in the photo is included in the main product set.)
 * To reappear what is shown in the photo, 「HGUC 1/144 NEO ZEONG」 (sold separately) is required along with this product.
   In addition, the 「HGUC 1/144 NEO ZEONG」 (sold separately) is not a product sold in PREMIUM BANDAI.
[ Product Materials: ABS ]
 All parts of this product is produced by ABS in order to maintain the durability.
 ABS plastic parts may be damaged by paint, so it is not recommended to apply any paint on it.
 * Please understand that the completed piece shown on this page is painted just because it is a prototype.
1/144 scale assembly plastic model
・No adhesives required for assembly
< This product does not include HGUC 1/144 NEO ZEONG >
*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.”

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