HG Shin Matsunaga’s Gelgoog Jager [P-Bandai]


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“From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MSV‐R], Shin Matsunaga’s Gelgoog Jäger is

released in the HG series !

Its characteristic body color that gave its name “The white wolf” is reproduced by color molding,

comes with its weapons like the Beam Machine Gun !

● The body of Shin Matsunaga’s Gelgoog Jäger thoroughly reproduced by color molding !

  Its white and gray body color that gave its name “The White Wolf of Solomon” are faithfully reproduced by color molding.

  Also comes with a marking sticker that reproduces its characteristic personal mark on its shoulder.


● Comes with its weapons and various hand parts !

  Comes with its main weapon Beam Machine Gun and additional two

  Beam Sabers added from the existing Gelgoog Jäger.


  Also comes with expressive hand parts allowing for strong-looking posing.

  The Beam Machine Gun can be held by both hands using the attached open hand.

  Arms beam spot gun shooting pose can also be reproduced.


● Includes new marking stickers

  Comes with a marking sticker of Shin Matsunaga’s personal mark.



Weapons: Beam Machine Gun / Beam Saber×2



A new WEB project in which “ACE PILOT”and the mobile suits are tracking the battle logs (entries) that are carved into Universal Century history!


VOL.09 “Shin Matsunaga”now published !(https://en.gundam.info/news/gunpla/news_gunpla_20180706_05.html)



1/144 scale assembly plastic model

For ages 8 and up.

Primary materials:PS・PE

・No adhesives required for assembly


*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.”


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