Kotobukiya – Starwing Paradox XZM-011 Solidea


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The main mecha, Solidea, from Starwing Paradox which is a high-speed mecha action arcade game in arcades across Japan now comes as a plastic model kit!

Solidea stays true to the character design, setting, and CG data used in game based on design by popular mecha designer Ippei Gyoubu. The proportions of the mech and detail in the build of this model kit represents the very essence of this character. The flexibility in the joints, the proportions of each part, the various additional weapons and effect parts all give this model kit the ability to be displayed in various action poses to replicate the world of Starwing Paradox. The first run of this model kit comes with a special product code that can be used in-game; perfect for Starwing Paradox fans!

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