Megami Device Asra Tamamo-no-Mae


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She’s back! The highly unique, customizable, and in-demand Megami Device unit, ASRA NINE-TAILS, is now here as an all-new model kit based on the infamous beauty and reincarnation of the nine-tailed fox: ASRA TAMAMONOMAE. This model uses the ASRA ARCHER base while expanding further on the concept of the ASRA NINE-TAILS with a ton of new parts. These new vibrant colors are sure to please all sorts of collectors!

Like the other models in the Megami Device series, this gal boasts the base “machinika” body designed by Masaki Apsy as well as the classic armor and weapons designed by Nidy-2D- specifically for this addition to the line. Add her to your collection today!

[Size]: Approximately 17.5cm
[Materials]: PS, PE, ABS, POM, PVC

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