Metal Build Evangelion Unit-02


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From Bandai’s wildly popular METAL BUILD series of action figures comes EVA Unit-02 from “Rebuild of Evangelion”! The design is by Ikuto Yamashita, who is famous for his work on the mechanical designs throughout the “Evangelion” series, while the sculpting is by Sakanoryu (dragon studio). The figure measures about 22cm tall, and is made from PVC, ABS, and die-cast parts. Order today!

[Set Contents]

Main figure
Alternative hand part (left, right x4 types each)
Palette rifle
Thigh pylon
Thunder Spear
Progressive knife x2
Progressive knife sheath x2
Folding progressive knife (stored)
Folding progressive knife (out)
Headset with goggles
Shoulder needle gun (left/right)
Joint set
Umbilical cable set
Base set
Display pole

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