MG 1/8 Kamen Rider Luna Trigger


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Bandai’s great series of ultra-poseable plastic models of great characters has now moved beyond Dragon Ball’s Son Goku to welcome Kamen Rider W (read “Kamen Rider Double,” not “doubleyou”) in his “Luna Trigger” configuration (“Cyclone Joker” also available). This is an involved kit that will keep you busy for a few hours, featuring seven full-size runners of parts and another six smaller ones. As usual, all parts are molded in color and snap together, although a couple of locations on the included posing stand use a simple screw to achieve a tight joint. A sheet of stickers is included for some of the marking details. None of this should deter even a first time (adult) modeler, though; if you have a pair of plastic nippers and a screwdriver, you’ve got everything you need to complete the coolest Kamen Rider figure ever! Features include muscles that bulge when joints are moved, individually posable fingers, a working “Double Driver” belt with removable Gaia Memory units, his unique pistol weapon (an item that’s not included with the Cyclone Joker kit!) two different removable versions of his scarf and a sturdy display stand to help you lock him in to any pose your imagination can come up with (even mid-air kicks!).

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