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MG Advanced GN-X [P-Bandai]


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The late production GN-X customized model Advanced GN-X , G N X - 6 0 4 T

is released as a product in the Master Grade series!


From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00V], the late production GN-X customized model

Advanced GN-X is released as a product in the 1/100 Master Grade series!

The characteristic head and GN Defense rod on both shoulders are thoroughly reproduced to the Master Grade standard!

New Prototype GN Lance and Advanced GN Beam Rifle are included!


● Each characteristic body part is thoroughly reproduced in new molding!

    The customized head, thighs, and shoulders are thoroughly reproduced in a new form to the MG standard.

    ・ Head part

     The characteristic form of the head, with a large antenna, is reproduced with new modeling.

     Matching the image from the configuration in the show, the two pairs of main cameras are faithfully reproduced.


    ・ Leg part

     Thigh armor, with added GN Vernier is reproduced using new parts.

     Using slide gimmick, Beam Saber can be stored inside.


    ・ Shoulder part

     GN Defense rods, added to both shoulders, are reproduced with new modeling.


● Includes new Lance and Beam Rifle!

    Includes new special weapon Prototype GN Lance.

    In addition, includes Advanced GN Beam Rifle with new parts to reproduce the middle type and barrel.


    ・ Prototype GN Lance

     Advanced GN-X’s special weapon, the large close range “Prototype GN Lance” is reproduced with new modeling.


    ・ Advanced GN Beam Rifle

     The characteristic middle type and Barrel are reproduced using new parts.

     Beam Saber can be equipped to the bottom tip of the barrel.


● Includes newly designed water slide decals!


● Gunpla LED unit(Sold separately) can be loaded into the chest unit to radiate light!


Weapons : Prototype GN Lance / Advanced GN Beam Rifle / GN Beam Saber / GN Shield

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