MG Dragoon Display Effect for Providence Gundam [P-Bandai]


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Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network
- Launching Dragoon System-
Display the MG Providence Gundam’s overwhelming power in a shooting pose with a total of 11 Dragoon units! 

By equipping Dragoon to “MG Providence Gundam” (sold separately),
it allows to recreate the launch/deployment scenes. Releases as an expansion set which includes emission and launch effect parts, display arms, and beam effect parts! Also includes newly designed water slide decals!
◆◆ Dragoon Shooting Recreation Unit(emission & launch effect part /Arms)
     ・ Recreate the Dragoon launch/deployment scenes by sharp effects!
        Includes emission & launch effects which can match with both Large Dragoon and Small Dragoon.
Reproduce the effect parts from the animation by clear blue molded parts.
     ・ With the arm joint, it allows for a high degree of display freedom!
         The length can be adjusted in steps. The joint structures that connect the arms and the Dragoon consist of a secure mechanism, allowing for flexible and stable display.
◆◆ Beam Effect parts for the Dragoon
     ・  Reproduce the moment of beam radiation by special effect part!
        Includes 5 effect parts that applied with clear green to reproduce the beam as it radiates from Dragoon.
        By joining the effect parts to Dragoon, a variety of display types can be reproduced.
◆◆ Water slide decals
     ・Includes water slide decals that have two types of markings (selectable) for the Mobile Suit main body!
        Comes with newly designed markings designed by the “GUNPLA BUILDERS
WORLD CUP 2013” world champion Yamauchi Shunpei, in addition to the regular markings.
        Applies with special print color for the silver sections.

 〈 Set Content 〉
 ・ Shooting Recreation Unit for the large Dragoon×3
 ・ Shooting Recreation Unit for the small Dragoon×8
 ・ Beam Effect parts×10
 ・ Water slide decals

This product is compatible with “MG 1/100 Providence Gundam” (sold separately/released in March 2017 in retail stores). It is an expansion set for reproducing Dragoon launch/deployment from the animation.

*This product does not include the MG 1/100 Providence Gundam, Dragoon, stand.
* To recreate the scene in photo, this product and the “MG 1/100 Providence Gundam” (sold separately/item sold in retail stores) are both required.
In addition, the”MG 1/100 Providence Gundam” (sold separately) is not a product sold in PREMIUM BANDAI Online Shop.

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