MG Dwadge [P-Bandai]


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Giant Bazooka
Heat Tomahawk
Heat Saber
The Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ version of the Dwadge was finally revealed and will join the Master Grade series in April 2019 as initial release by Premium Bandai.

Molds and joints of the MG 1/100 Dom has been updated to accommodate the design of Dwadge. With extended articulation and new molds for its joint parts, this will surely look good beside your collection!

Dom’s head design has been remolded to produce Dwadge’s head vulcans.
Power pipes on its shoulder connecting from its chest to the backpack were added to the molds!
The entirely new mold of the backpack surely is packed with details and equipped with joints to store some of Dwadge’s weapons.
Rear Skirt Armor
Dwadge will not be complete without its rear skirt vents which has been remolded entirely from the MG Dom.
Legs were also reshaped to accommodate the drop tanks on it.
Added details to the Giant Bazooka’s barrel.
A double edged heat tomahawk is also a new sight for this kit!
A remolded heat saber’s hilt for a better stability.

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