MG Expansion Funnel Effect Set For MG Sazabi Ver. Ka & RE/100 Nightingale [P-Bandai]


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Expanded funnel effect set to reproduce the ‘ all-range attack ‘ by Char Aznable love machine appeared! ! ” MG 1/100 Sotheby Ver.Ka ” ( sold separately) and ” RE / 100 1/100 Nightingale ” corresponding to the ( sold separately) ! In different shapes ” fire effect “, ” injection effects” ” locus effects” , in the set the effect parts to represent the launch trajectory image of the funnel , commercialized as an extended effect set . œ Produce a sharp high-speed movement of the funnel at the effect of sharp modeling ! œ powerful display is possible in the three stages of the effect unit ! œ Action Base 1 ( sold separately) to also possible exhibition !

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