MG F90 E & S Packs [P-Bandai]



“L o n g r a n g e s u p p o r t m o d e l S t y p e ,

E l e c t r o n i c w a r f a r e m o d e l E t y p e u n v e i l e d ―


“”Joins with “”MG 1/100 Gundam F90” (sold separately). Mission packs that allow for reproduction of the long range support model S type and electronic warfare model type are released!

※ MS body is not included with this product.

※ To reproduced the above photo, this product and “”MG 1/100 Gundam F90″”(sold separately/Sellout item of PREMIUM BANDAI) are required.



S・N・R・I-led “”Formula Project””‘s prototype MS Gundam F90-designated mission pack,

S type and E type are in total new moldings-via Master Grade release!


<2 types of mission pack are reproduced capable !>

● Long range support model S(support)type

  Its long-range big volume weapon and position stabilizer are new moldings-via modeled.


  Long range beam weapon“Mega Beam Cannon”

  back option-equpped long-range beam cannon, has a forward-slide gimmick.


  “4Quadruple Beam Cannon”&“2Twin Missile Pod”

  Both-arm-equipped multi-barrel beam cannon are setting-compliant, waist energytank connection are via wire and varnish tube faithfully reproduced.


  “Cruise Missile”

  leg-equipped Cruise Missile are capable of opening its wings via gimmick, and also capable of being removed from the base.


  Support jack

  Position supporting unit on its back-waist part: the support jack is, parts replacement-via extension mode reproduced capable.



● Electronic warfare model E(Electronic)type

  Kunio Okawara’s work, newly designed Electronic warfare model equipment. characteristic form is new moldings-via modeled.



  back radome is by joint arm parts capable of flexible movement.


  Directional jamming Rifle

  Electronic jamming weapon jamming Rifle is new moldings-via modeled.


  shoulder parts and back-waist part’s electronic warfare equipment

  shoulder parts and back-waist part’s additional equipment is faithfully reproduced according to story Images.

  Back-waist part equipment can be moved vertically via gimmick.



● water slide decals are Includes.

  Original marking-included water slide decals are Includes.



Set Contents: S type equipment set / E type equipment set


※MS body is not included with this product.

※this product includes “mission pack E type & S type” only.”

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