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MG “Ver. Ka” is perfectly completed with even more enjoyable optional sets, with two new types of weapons, and Armor Hanger.
*This product is an optional set. (MS body, etc., is sold separately.) 
--- Full Armor Gundam “Ver. Ka” taken to the extreme ---
Made into an optional set item, two types of weapons and Armor Hanger can be enjoyed together with the 〈 MG 1/100 FULL ARMOR GUNDAM Ver.Ka [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT]〉 (current hot item in shop/sold separately.)
〔 Contents 〕
 Beam Rifle x 2 / Hyper Bazooka x 2 / Armor Hanger Comes with water transfer decals
●● Two new types of weapons!
  New weapons made by two creators – – — — –
      《MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT》 manga creator and designer Yasuo Ohtagaki
      Master Grade “Ver. Ka” concept designer and producer Katoki Hajime
  With a quality fitting of the MG “Ver. Ka” the product comes with both a new Beam Rifle, and Hyper Bazooka.
  The separate precision parts and mechanical design is highly reproduced in detail. Each weapon is loaded with different docking gimmicks.
  ・The Beam Rifle and Hyper Bazooka both have two barrels.
    They can be equipped to both arms as double weapons.
 ★Beam Rifle     [ Total length: (single) approximately 105mm/(double) approximately 145mm ]
     Fans will be aware that this is the first actual reproduction of the Full Armor Gundam’s Beam Rifle! The kit design was directed by Mr. Katoki.
     Comes with the Gunpla Original docking gimmick.
     ・ The beam rifle is reproduced using four color molded parts, with an elaborate expression that shows every detail.
       The two guns are loaded with vertical direction docking gimmicks, making it possible to reform an even larger Double Beam Rifle.
 ★ Hyper Bazooka     [ Total length: approximately 170mm / (when stored) approximately 115mm ]
     To match with the Beam Rifle, the Hyper Bazooka is designed from the new sketching by Yasuo Ohtagaki for Gunpla!
     Kit arrangement by Katoki Hajime.
     ・ With the gun barrel expansion/contraction gimmick, it is possible to show the storage form. In addition,
        the two Hyper Bazookas can be equipped as a Double Hyper Bazooka by docking horizontally.
●● Armor Hanger is produced for decoration, based on a battleship interior!

  As in the animation, it is possible to display the image of the Full Armor Gundam prior to attack!
  The Hanger’s detailed mechanics shows the battleship interior environment.
 ★ Armor Hanger    [ Size: W approximately 290mm x H approximately 175mm x D approximately 210mm ]
     Armor Hanger is brand new designed, and allowed for the arrangement and propping up of weapons as a display of Full Armor Gundam’s armor set.
     All weapon types and the two new weapon varieties (4 guns) that come with the main product (sold separately) can be propped up.
                                           (*) Excluding Beam Saber Effect
     ・ Formed with a base and a supporting structure, it is possible to arrange the weapons and armors in their specific positions.
       The center base part can be used as an Action Base pedestal.
     ・ Using the pedestal that is included with the attached Armor Hanger, new weapons can be propped up and displayed,
       and specific Action Base components (such as pole braces) are also included.
●● New illustrations drawn by Yasuo Ohtagaki is used on the full color package!
    A special edition design fused with “Ver. Ka.”

●● Comes with “Ver. Ka” decal!
     Included markings that suit for the new Beam Rifle and Hyper Bazooka.
 This product is a ‘weapon and armor set’ for our in-store hot item < MG 1/100 FULL ARMOR GUNDAM Ver. Ka [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT]> (sold separately).
 * This product does not include an MS body, etc.
 * To reappear as in the photo, it is necessary to have this product along with the < MG 1/100 FULL ARMOR GUNDAM Ver.Ka [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT] >
   In additional, the < MG 1/100 FULL ARMOR GUNDAM Ver.Ka [GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT] > (sold separately) is not a product sold in PREMIUM BANDAI .
1/100 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 15 and up.
Primary materials: :PS
・No adhesives required for assembly

*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual product may differ from the images.

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