MG Geara Doga (Full Frontal Use) [P-Bandai]


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From the video game software “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” (publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment), in the robbing of Xinanzhou chapter, the special specifications of the red Kira boarded by Vor Vlangto. Deca debuts in the MG series !!
  Kira. Deca (Fr Volto special machine) ———————
  Those who confront this crimson body must be in fear.
Kira, who recreated the characteristics of Vor Franco’s special machine. Deca has launched the MG version.
The impressive red body is reproduced in the molding color, and the parts and arms that are characteristic of it are reproduced with new mold parts !!
● The main body is reproduced!
   The armbands on the forearm and the shield hanger on the left arm are reproduced with new mold parts.
   ・ Armour armor
      The armband part of the “Sleeveless” MS symbol is reproduced with new mold opening parts.
      The new Zeon ’s military emblem is reproduced in a relief structure, with a foil sticker that reproduces the color.
  ・ Shield hanger
      The shield hanger, which is characterized by its structure that can fully support the state of shield mounting or not, is presented with new mold opening parts.
● Beam machine gun attached!
   Comes with a special beam machine gun with new mold opening parts. The size is about 114mm.
   By Kira. Zulu added a sniper sight, a grenade launcher, and a magazine with a beam machine gun to reproduce the shape in the setting.
● Attached with water sticker, which contains various original design patterns of MG that can match with each other such as the new Zeon military emblem and warning signs!

● Each part is equipped with a movable mechanism, which can reproduce the dynamic posture.
● The power tube is reproduced with soft materials in order to pursue a realistic texture.
● Comes with a vivid manipulator that can perform a variety of movements, as well as finger replacement palm parts.
● There is a mechanism that can rotate left and right on the monocular part, and it can be equipped with a Gundam model LED unit (retail sale) that can reproduce the light state.  
                             ※ Gundam model LED module (pink) separately sold × 1
● Comes with a wealth of weapons for a variety of action positions.
Subsidiary: Beam Machine Gun / Beam Machine Gun (2 types) / Tekken Rocket /
        Beam sword axe (3 types of beam special effects parts) / shield

1/100 scale, assembled plastic model
・ No need to use model glue during assembly
※ The finished product in the photo is painted. In addition, since the photos are trial works under development, they may differ slightly from the actual products.

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