MG Geara Doga (Unicorn Ver.) [P-Bandai]


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“From “”Mobile Suit Gundam UC””, Gila Doga is commercialized in the master grade series.

Adopted the color image forming color at the time of the appearance in the play, reproducing the characteristic “”sleeve”” part with molded parts.

In addition, a decoration of MS with a sleeve and original marking are recorded, a water transfer decal is attached.

– Parts that reproduce the “”sleeve”” part are included!

Reproduce the sleeve which is a symbol of MS with sleeve with molded parts.

The emblem of Neo Zeon is reproduced with a mold, and a special wheel seal is attached for color reproduction.

● Adopted the coloring of the color image that appears in the play!

● Armored abundant!

Beam · machine gun, Shurumu · Faust, Beam · Sword · Ax etc, abundant arms are attached,

Various action poses can be reproduced.

● Water transfer decal included!

Includes decorations of MS with sleeves and original marking.

Attached armed: Beam · machine gun (2 types) / Sturm Faust / Beam · Sword · Ax (3 beam effects) / Shield”

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