MG GM Command Space Type [P-Bandai]


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Protector of the colony, rolling out in the Master Grade series!

RGM-79GS GM Command Space is released in the Master Grade series.

Starting with the satchel, head, and chest armor, the suit’s form is thoroughly reproduced with each part using new molding! Includes a new Beam Gun!
● The suit form is reproduced with new structures that conform to the MG stnadard!
    The characteristic suit form is thoroughly reproduced using new molding, including the head, chest armor, and satchel.
   【Head part】
    Equipped with ducts to the cheek area, the characteristic form of the head is reproduced for this base-defense type suit.
   【Chest part】
    The ducts are reproduced, increased on the chest armor. The characteristic red coloring is reproduced using colored molding.
    The exterior of the forearms and elbow parts are made with new molding.
    Compared to the preliminary GM mass production type, the satchel is reproduced using new molding, with increased vernier and a corresponding thrust of 130%.
   【Waist part】
    The form of the abdominal and front skirt area is reproduced.
   【leg part】
    The front armor on the shins is reproduced with new molding.

● Loaded with mobile structures based on the MG GM Sniper II!
    【BODY】Achieves movements similar to that of a human via “twisting” movements that are made possible by the rotation of the hips, and a back and forwards swing structuring.
    【NECK】Supports attack pose moves, with a flexible mounting base equipped on the neck joint.
    【SHOULDERS】Supports a variety of actions through a moving rotational axle and an extending waist joint.
    【LEGS&FEET】The leg frame achieves a wide range of mobility. The underside of the feet strive for a high degree of connectivity to the ground through a partitioned structuring.
● Special Beam Gun weapon is reproduced with new molding!
    A special Beam Gun weapon is reproduced with new molding, with strengthened fire power to meet the suit’s position for short-term defense at the colony.
    Moreover, a variety of weapon types are included!
● Includes newly designed water slide decals!
    Comes with four personal platoon marks, and the unit mark of “ Immortal The 04th Platoon” led by South Burning,
    in addition to the Earth Federation markings.
A web project tracking the “logs” (records) of “Ace Pilot” and Mobile Suits carved into U.C. history!
Publishing VOL03, “The Immortal 04th Team”!
Weapons : Beam Gun / Bullpup Machine Gun / Beam Saber / Shield

1/100 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 15 and up.
Primary materials: :PS・PE
・No adhesives required for assembly

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