MG Gundam F91 Ver 2.0 Back Cannon Type & Twin V.S.B.R. Set Up Type [P-Bandai]


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From F91-MSV
Gundam F91 equipped with its rare armament is released !
From[MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM F91-MSV], the kit package of Gundam F91 with its set item for recreating the
Back Cannon setup type and the Twin V.S.B.R. setup type is released in Master Grade for the first time.
Both the Back Cannons and the Twin V.S.B.R. are faithfully reproduced by new moldings !
● Capable of reproducing 2 types of weapon setups !
  Capable of reproducing either the Back Cannon setup type or the Twin V.S.B.R. setup type.
● Back Cannon setup type ― the Back Cannons and the shoulders are reproduced by new moldings !
  The Back Cannon, composing of the Quadruple Beam Gatling Gun and the Missile Launcher, and the shoulders are
  faithfully reproduced by new moldings.
  It can also reproduced the type that includes the Beam Launcher.
  Its upgraded shoulder armors are reproduced by new moldings. Its fins are also given an extra finish for an enhanced depth.
  ・Back Cannon
  Reproduces gimmicks such as switching between the “folded barrel mode” and the “unfolded barrel mode” are reproduced.
● Twin V.S.B.R. Setup Type―Quadruple-barrel V.S.B.R. and the Backpack are reproduced by new moldings !
  The four V.S.B.R. barrels on the waist and the back along with the Backpack are modeled by new moldings.
  The characteristic energy cables on the Backpack are reproduced using wires, creating a mechanical and realistic appearance.
  V.S.B.R. on the waist are expandable. The joint arms can also move flexibly.
● Display base included
  A display base is included.
● Various markings reproduced with water decals
  Various markings on its body and also on the additional weapons are reproduced with the included water decals.
● Combine it with the light unit to recreate “MEPE”
  Set the “LIGHTING UNIT [WHITE] Double Light” (sold separately) to the MS body to
  recreate the full-power mode where heat and “MEPE” are exhausted from its ducts.
Weapons : Back Cannon weapon set / Twin V.S.B.R. weapon set / Beam Rifle / Beam Shield
       / Beam Saber×2 / Beam Launcher
Accessory : Display Base

※This product includes 1 “Mobile Suit” and weapons of “Back Cannon” and “Twin V.S.B.R.”.

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