MG Mega Bazooka Launcher [P-Bandai]


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Item on sale in May 2015. Compatible with 「MG1/100 Hyaku-shiki Ver.2.0」.
  *This product does not include 「MG1/100 Hyaku-shiki Ver.2.0」.
The representative Hyakushiki weapon, the “Mega Bazooka Launcher” is launched as model kit for the first time by 1/100 scale!!
From “MOBILE SUIT Z GUNDAM”, Hyaku-shiki’s characteristic weapon, the 「Mega Bazooka Launcher」, is launched in the MG series. With Master Grade 1/100 scale’s standard and detail, it is possible to reappear famous scenes from the animation. Compatible with 「MG1/100 Hyaku-shiki Ver.2.0」 (sold separately) on sale in May, 2015.
● With expansion/contraction parts, which allows for transformation between shooting form /storage form!
  (Shooting Form)
    It’s possible to reappear impressive scenes from the show with Hyakushiki’s characteristic weapon, the ‘Mega Bazooka Launcher.’
    Total length is approximately 275mm (*when in shooting form).
    The barrel and step arm extend, and the armor deploys on the left and right arm, allowing it to be fixed on Hyakushiki body.
  (Storage Form)
    Transform into the storage form with special parts, the rapid movement scene can be reappeared.
    *Two pieces of Action Base1 are required to reappear the rapid movement scene.
    * In the example photo, Action Base1 (clear) is sold separately.
   ・ Sensor parts are realistically reappeared in a jewel seal.
   ・ The power cable is linked to the ball joint. Flexibly supports the contraction and expansion to the Mega Bazooka Launcher body.
● Comes with smoky black clear Action Base1!
    Comes with special joint parts allowing for stable display of the large Mega Bazooka Launcher.
    Possible to display the Mega Bazooka Launcher by itself.
● Comes with Water slide decal!
   In addition to the Mega Bazooka Launcher, marking designs are included which suit for the「MG1/100 Hyaku-shiki Ver.2.0」 (sold separately) body.
    *The markings for the main body are the same design which is included in the MS body’s product.
Product contents: Mega Bazooka Launcher / Action Base1 (smoked-black clear) / Water slide decal
1/100 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 15 and up.
Primary materials: :PS・PP・ABS・PUR
・No adhesives required for assembly
In addition, a Phillips-head screw driver is required for assembly of the Action Base1.
*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual product may differ from the images.

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