MG Zeta Gundam Gray Zeta [P-Bandai] Restocked



MSZ-006-3B Zeta Gundam III B Type Gray Zeta
[The improved version of Zeta Gundam with enhanced firepower]
 Based on the Z Gundam-3, this MS is focused on enhancing the firepower. As weight gained due to the additional weapons, auxiliary thrusters for both legs
 together with large tail stabilizer that stretched on both sides are added to improve the motor performance. Although the MS piloted by Gray Wolf is
commonly called “Gray Zeta,” the body color actually is yellow due to the beam deflector coating applied on the entire surface of the body.
From OVA “GUNDAM EVOLVE../9,” MSZ-006-3B Zeta Gundam III B Type Gray Zeta is released as a 3D model Gunpla for the first time!
The form of the main body and the special weapons are reproduced with new molding, and also allowed for the transformation of wave rider!!
● Various characteristic body armor forms are reproduced!
    Shoulder armor, front armor, side armor, rear armor, front arm armor, thigh armor, tail stabilizer, and
    stabilizer are reproduced with new molding. In order to support the transformation of wave rider, the characteristic surface molds are also reproduced.
● Includes Gray Zeta’s special weapons!
    Gray Zeta’s special weapon, Beam Cannon and Mega Gatling are included with new molding.
    Beam Cannon ・・・ A large weapon suitable for the enhanced firepower MS. Total length is approximately 210mm.
    Mega Gatling ・・・ A single-piece weapon loaded inside the Beam Machine Gun. Operated by attaching to the left arm.
● Transforms into wave rider!
     Allows to transform into wave rider, which is the Zeta Gundam’s characteristic atmospheric entry mode.
     Because of the new form of tail stabilizer and the large Beam Cannon etc. , it makes a big difference to the normal wave rider.
● Includes various markings!
     Includes the colored seals (tetrone seals) to reproduce the characteristic camouflage patterns, as well as Gray Wolf’s personal marks,
     and water slide decals with caution marks. Includes foil seals for detailed expression.
● Includes special stand with the catapult. Compatible to both form’s display.
Weapons : Beam Cannon / Mega Gatling / Beam Saber
1/100 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 15 and up.
Primary materials: :PS・PE・ABS
・No adhesives required for assembly

*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual product may differ from image.
*All data and related product details are based on Japan information. Please understand that overseas version may not be appropriate.

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