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MG Zeta Gundam Red Zeta [P-Bandai]


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2015, time to be a model kit    ——————-
  Red Zeta, the first time to appear as a 3D model Gunpla!
MSZ-006P2/3C Zeta Gundam III P2 Type Red Zeta
[A New Type customized MS based on Z Gundam-3 Type C]
This is a New Type customized MS which is specially improved, based on Z Gundam-3 Type C. Installed with a system known as “Psycho Neutralizer,”
which reflects the pilot’s senses to the MS’s movements. And fins equipped on different parts of the MS that
performed as sensors by collecting external information.
Instead of Johnny as the original pilot, Yuri Azissa (Red Snake), who has the New Type power,
takes over the control.
From OVA “GUNDAM EVOLVE../9,” MSZ-006-P2/3C Zeta Gundam III P2 Type Red Zeta is released as a 3D model Gunpla for the first time!
The characteristic form of the main body and the special weapons are reproduced with new molding, and also allowed for the transformation of wave rider!!
● Various characteristic body exterior has been reproduced! Approximately 80% of the model kit’s exterior has been changed!
    Reproduced with new molding, the characteristic exterior is renewed with different armors, an impressive
    backpack, and fins equipped on different parts of the body etc.
    In order to support the transformation of wave rider, the characteristic surface molds are also reproduced.
● Includes Red Zeta’s specific weapons!
    Includes Red Zeta’s specific weapons, Beam Pistol and Shield with new molding.
    The form and details are precisely reproduced.
    Beam Pistol ・・・ Red Zeta’s specific small-scale main weapon, with the aim of rapid fire.
    Shield       ・・・ The specific Red Zeta Shield, equipped with fins in various areas.
                   In MS form, it functions as a Shield, while in WR form it becomes the head.
                   The Beam Pistol can be stored inside the cavity of the center as in wave rider form.
● Tranforms into wave rider!
     Allows to transform into wave rider, Zeta Gundam’s characteristic atmospheric entry mode.
     Because of the characteristic fins, backpack, and shield, it makes a big difference to the normal wave rider.
● Includes various markings!
     Includes the colored seals (tetrone seals) to reproduce the characteristic camouflage patterns,
     as well as Yuri Azissa’s personal marks, and water slide decals with caution marks.
     Includes foil seals for detailed expression.
● Includes special stand with the catapult. Compatible to both form’s display.
Weapons :Beam Pistol / Beam Saber / Shield
1/100 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 15 and up.
Primary materials: :PS・PE・ABS
・No adhesives required for assembly

*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual product may differ from image.
*All data and related product details are based on Japan information. Please understand that overseas version may not be appropriate.

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