MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 29: Act Knuckle B Type


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he Heavy Weapon Unit 29 Act Knuckle B Type is an add-on for your Hexa Gear Bulk Arm series kits, and also for your Frame Arms kits! This powerful mechanical hand features full movement in all five fingers; the Type B comes with a normal back and a combat back that adds protection to the fist. Two types of fingertips are also included: a rugged square shape and a pointed claw. It’s molded in gunmetal gray and desert yellow. Order yours today!

[Size]: Approximately 4.5cm long
[Materials]: PS, HIPS


Heavy Weapon Unit 29 Act Knuckle B Type (x2)
Normal back (x2)
Combat back (x2)
Fingertip, square shape (x10)
Fingertip, claw shape (x10)
Optional joint parts (x2)

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