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Perfect Grade following 20 years of [Evolution],
it’s the ultimate Gundam Exia Repair
From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00], A “Repair Parts Set” which allows to reproduce Gundam Exia Repaur is released in Perfect Grade, as the ultimate embodiment.

Includes set of GN Sword, Mantle, and various damaged areas, such as the Head Part.
Includes an LED Unit for the Head Part, allowing for reproduction of the Camera Eye light.
This product is a parts set for forming Gundam Exia Repair,
applied together with “PG 1/60 GUNDAM EXIA (LIGHTING MODEL) (sold separately)”
or “PG 1/60 GUNDAM EXIA (sold separately)”(2th December 2017 on sale in model kits shops).
※ This product and an unassembled “PG 1/60 GUNDAM EXIA (LIGHTING MODEL) (sold separately)”, or “PG 1/60 GUNDAM EXIA (sold separately)” are required to reproduce the Exia Repair.
※ Please use “PG 1/60 GUNDAM EXIA (LIGHTING MODEL) (sold separately)” to reproduce light emitting state of Head and main body.
   The damaged areas of the body, such as the head part, are reproduced, expressed with a preciseness unique to Perfect Grade.
  【Head Part】
   In addition to Blade Antenna, Camera Eye, and Inner Frame, the damage on each area of the head part is precisely expressed.
   Uses almost entirely new parts, excluding the top of the head, and the left part of the face.
  【Includes Head Part LED Unit】
   Includes LED Unit for Exia Repair, and allows to reproduce the light emitting state of the Camera Eye.
   *PG 1/60 GUNDAM EXIA (LIGHTING MODEL) (sold separately) is required.
【Right Arm】 
Shoulder armor is reproduced using parts that have minute damage expressions centered on the outer areas.
  The Arm Area also uses parts that have damage expressions in certain areas.
   New parts are added to express damage on the exterior of GN Drive.
   The GN Drive part is reproduced with clear parts showing cracks.
   The waist also uses new parts that have damage expressions in certain areas.
  【Right Thighs & Left Knee Part】
   Uses parts with added damage expressions on the exterior.
   The Inner Frame is exposed to show a damaged state.
   The flowing drape and the precise form of the tip are reproduced.
   Expressive poses are possible through the axle on the left shoulder part.

   Thoroughly reproduces the damages on the tip of the Saber and the exterior.
   The damaged and repaired exterior mold, and the Saber Part of the broken GN Sword are reproduced with new parts.
【List of Set Contents】
・Various Damaged Parts 1set
・GN Sword (Damaged)
・LED Unit for Head Part
・Marking sticker(with damaged expressions)
・Silver sticker

1/60 scale assembly plastic model
For ages15 and up.
Primary materials:PS・ABS・PE・PA
・No adhesives required for assembly

*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.
*Please note that in some cases bubbles may enter the clear parts during manufacturing process.
*All data and related product details are based on Japan information. Please understand that overseas version may not be appropriate.
・This product cannot be found in model kits shops.
・This product may be on sale in events or other projects held by our company.
・Only a limited number of this product is available at ‘PREMIUM BANDAI’. We apologize if we are out of stock on this product.
・Please note that for this product, due to the number of produced units, we are limiting the quantity available in each order.
・For this product, the shipping date is subject to change in some cases depending on application status and production circumstances,
Thank you for your understanding.
・Product images are in development stage. They may differ from the actual products.
・The product specifications are current as of November 2017. We ask for your understanding as they may be subject to change.

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