PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver] [P-Bandai]


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From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC(Unicorn)], Unicorn Gundam is released in Perfect Grade, reproduced with the green Psycho Frame long awaited by fans!!

Unicorn Gundam reproduced in Perfect Grade
F I N A L B A T T L E V e r .
From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC(Unicorn)], Unicorn Gundam, with the impressive green Psycho Frame seen in final battle scenes from the animation, is released in the Perfect Grade series.
The green Psycho Frame is reproduced with clear green molding and allows for reproduction of Shield Funnel expansion scenes!
● Green Psycho Frame!
     The impressive green frame is reproduced with green clear molding that concentrates the light.
     Loaded with LED Unit (sold separately) to enjoy appealing light emissions that differ from the red Psycho Frame of the Unicorn Gundam sold in sotres.
● Reproduce triple combination Shield Funnel scenes!
     Includes three Shields and six Beam Gatling Guns to reproduce the funnel expansion scenes, with an independently maneuverable shield from the animation.
     Beam Gatling Gun is laminated into two, and can be equipped to the back of the shield.
     The Shield is equipped with Beam Gatling Gun, and can be displayed in a triple combination with the special included joint parts, and clear metallic Action base 1.
●  Includes water slide decals!
     Includes water slide decals produced by Katoki Hajime, with a design that differs from the red frame of the Unicorn Gundam sold in stores.
     ※ Marking designs are the same as “PG 1/60 FA Expansion Effect Unit for Unicorn Gundam”
      (*sold separately / Sellout item of PREMIUM BANDAI).
・ This kit is loaded with mechanisms to transform to Destroy Mode and Unicorn Mode.
  Possible to reproduce Destroy Unchained mode.
  Possible to reproduce Psycho Frame light emissions by equipping with LED Unit (sold separately).
Weapons : Beam Magnum / Hyper Bazooka / Beam Saber /
         Beam Gatling Gun ×6 / Shield ×3 

1/60 scale assembly plastic model
・No adhesives required for assembly
・A screw driver is required to assemble the action base.
*The product in this photo is partially painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.

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