RE/100 Type 89 Base Jabber (Unicorn Ver.) [P-Bandai]


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“Type 89 Base Jabber
Departs to the Operation Zone ―
From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC], the sub flight system Type 89 Base Jabber
used by Rondo Bell of the Earth Federation Forces is released in RE/100 series !

It can board 1/100 scale MS (sold separately) !
Recommended kits for boarding)
 ・MG 1/100 JEGAN (product sold in retail stores)
 ・MG 1/100 JESTA (product sold in retail stores)
 ・MG 1/100 JEGAN D TYPE (Premium Bandai Product)
 ・MG 1/100 JESTA CANNON (Premium Bandai Product)
And more.
*Some MS (sold separately) may not be able to board due to its body structure.
● Characteristic suit colors reproduced by color molding !
  Suit colors as seen in [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC] are reproduced by color molding.
● High detail of RE/100 benchmark
Along with the panel lines drawn in various parts of the suit, thrusters, landing gear, and grips are modeled in high details.
● The boarding scene of Mobile Suits can be reproduced !
  A stable display can be set up with its designated connection parts and the footrest’s expansion mechanism.
  Special joint parts
  Mobile Suits can be fixed with its designated joint parts.
 *The designated joint parts are compatible with the following:
  ・MG 1/100 JEGAN
  ・MG 1/100 JESTA
  ・MG 1/100 JEGAN D TYPE

  Footrest expands to fit the size of the Mobile Suit’s sole.
  Also, it can slide forward and backward, allowing for the Mobile Suit to be held firmly.

  By removing the propellant tanks at the bottom, Mobile Suits can be mounted on both sides.
 *Three sets of Action Base1 (sold separately) are required to display a single Mobile Suit floating
  or two Mobile Suits boarding on both sides. ”

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