RE/100 Vigna-Zirah [P-Bandai]


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F l a m e T i g e r ‘s
C r i m s o n m o b i l e s u i t
e q u i p p e d w i t h V . S . B . R .
From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SILHOUETTE FORMULA 91], Vigna-Zirah, piloted by Shelf Sheffield, is released in R E/100 series. Head parts, armor parts, V.S.B.R. etc. are recreated using new parts

● The heroic design of its body recreated from new part molds.
● V.S.B.R. and the Beam Rifle utilize new parts.
● Includes water slide decals for the head emblem and caution marks for various parts of its body !
Weapons: Beam Rifle / Beam Shield / Beam Saber
** Action base is sold separately

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