Real Robot Revolution SPT-LZ-00X Layzner


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Bandai’s “Real Robot Revolution” series of kits features classic robots from the ’80s brought back to life through today’s injection-plastic kit technology! This entry in the R3 series is another fantastic kit of the “blue comet,” this time featuring the improved New Layzner model as it appeared in the final episode of the anime series. The kit features superbly detailed mechanisms with working hatches that open to display it initiating its V-MAX system, and each hand’s trigger finger and thumb are individually movable. Armaments include a lasered rifle, two calf missiles, and a backpack, along with five in-scale unpainted figures of Eiji Asuka, Anna Stephanie, Julia Asuka, Gosterro, and a sitting Eiji with pilot suit. Decals are also included to add more detail to your finished kit. Highly recommended!

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