RG Gundam Astraea Parts Set for RG Gundam Exia [P-Bandai]


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This is the weapons and parts set of Astraea that allows to form the RG 1/144 Gundam Astraea by assembling with RG 1/144 Gundam Exia
(*sold separately, now on sale in stores)!
 *This product along with ”pre-assembled” “RG 1/144 Gundam Exia” (sold separately) are required in order to form Gundam Astraea.
  -----  Reproduce “Gundam Astraea” in RG (Real Grade)!  -----
From official side story “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 P,” the special forms of Astraea parts and
special weapons are released as an expanded set, which allows to form the Gundam Astraea.
● The characteristic form of the body is reproduced in new molding!!
    The collar, neck, chest, shoulders, abdomen, front armor, rear armor,
  arm sides, knee sides, and head, with forms that differ from Gundam Exia, are reproduced with new molding.

● Includes plenty of weapons designed with RG standards!! 
    Includes new GN Launcher, Proto GN Sword, GN Beam Rifle, and GN Shield.
    Includes joint parts which allows for posing with the GN Beam Rifle, while Proto GN Sword is attached to the arm.

● Includes new Realistic Decals for Gundam Astraea.
[Set Contents]
 (For MS body)
  ・ Head (excluding facial parts)
  ・ Collar Parts
  ・ Neck Parts
  ・ Chest Armor
  ・ Shoulder Armor
  ・ Abdominal Parts
  ・ Front Armor
  ・ Rear Armor
  ・ Arm Parts
  ・ Knee Parts
  ・ Back Parts
  ・ GN Launcher
  ・ Proto GN Sword
  ・ GN Beam Rifle
  ・ GN Shield
 This product is a “Astraea parts and special weapons” set for forming Gundam Astraea, applied together with “RG 1/144 Gundam Exia” (sold separately), which is a bestseller in stores.
 * This product does not include MS body. 
 * To recreate the scene in photo, this product and a “pre-assembled” “RG 1/144 Gundam Exia” (sold separately) are both required.
  In addition, the “RG 1/144 Gundam Exia” (sold separately) is not a product sold in PREMIUM BANDAI Online Shop.
1/144 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 15 and up.
Primary materials: :PS
・No adhesives required for assembly

<This product does not include MS body>
*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual product may differ from image.
*All data and related product details are based on Japan information. Please understand that overseas version may not be appropriate.

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