RG/HG Strike Rouge + IWSP [P-Bandai]


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“From “”Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”” MSV, Strike Rouge & I.W.S.P., equipped with the Combined shield, is making its appearance in RG & HG form! “”Have fun combining the RG series product with the HG series items!!””

●●Includes a brand-new designed ‘Realistic Decal’ which unites with the RG products! HG I.W.S.P. changes its molded color to fit with the image of the RG substance!!●● *The “”RG Strike Rouge(exclusive) + HG I.W.S.P.”” realistic decal that comes newly with this product is not covered by any kind of leaf. *The RG Strike Rouge substance has no change in its marking design nor molded color.

——————– RG 1/144 Strike Rouge HG I.W.S.P. ——————————–

・Includes brand-new designed Realistic Decal for I.W.S.P. (*No marks covered with any kind of leaf) Along with the marking stickers above, set also includes Realistic Decals for Strike which are covered with leaf. ・Includes a brand-new wrist part (right-hand) to hold and stabalize posings when holding the Beam Rifle. ・Includes connecting parts to join the RG substance with the HG I.W.S.P.

Weapons Included: 115mm Railgun/9.1m Anti-ship Sword/Combined Shield/Beam Boomerang/Gatling Machine Gun/Beam Rifle”

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