RG Nu Gundam Double Fin Funnel Expansion Part [P-Bandai]


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“― Reconstructing the double-wing RG ν Gundam ―


Attach it to “RG 1/144 ν Gundam” (sold separately on August 10, 2019)

An expansion unit that can reproduce νGundam’s double fin funnel equipment appears.

* MS body is not included with this product.


● Reproduce double fin funnel equipment with RG compliant high detail!

  Comes with right-wing double fin funnel parts and can be combined with RG 1/144 ν Gundam (sold separately) to reproduce double fin funnel equipment.



● The display base enables injection of fins and funnels!

  A display base that imitates the Amuro Ray personal mark is included. Base parts adopt red molding color.

  The connection arm can be used to display the fins and funnels.



● RG 1/144 Water transfer type decal including ν Gundam main body included



Set contents: Fin funnel x6 / Display base / Connection arm x6 / Water transfer type decal”

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