RG Sazabi Special Coating [P-Bandai]


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“From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Char’s Counterattack], Sazabi with a full armor matte-plated metallic arrangement,

In addition, metallic color is also applied to the inner frame molding, it is a special spec for Real Grade release.
● A deluxe metallic arrangement
Its impressive crimson armor is 2 types<metallic red/deep metallic red> of matte-plate reproduced.
2 types of coloring, makes its multi-structure stand out even more.
Also, Inner Frame and each weapon are made with a profound-looking metallic color molding.
● Realistic decals Includes.
● RG-specific movable gimmicks makes dynamic action poses possible.
Weapons : Beam Shot Rifle / Beam Tomahawk / Beam Saber/ Shield / Funnel / Missile”

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