Tenir Precision Tweezers Angled Fine Tip


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The crane-neck type is easy to work with and easy to see at hand.

The tips of the tweezers are precisely machined so that the tips are aligned well.

The tweezers can also catch fine parts with just the right amount of force, making them ideal for miniature and accessory production and for modeling.

High quality stainless steel tweezers made in Switzerland

What is Classy ‘n Dressy?

Creating your own one-of-a-kind work of art is an enjoyable time that enriches your mind.

And the finished work will move you.

We offer craft materials under the Classy ‘n Dressy brand, which is a combination of the words “Classy” and “Dressy” (fashionable and elegant).

Size of the main body

Bent tip crane neck, Total length: approx. 118mm, Width: approx. 10mm, Tip: approx. 0.5mm

Country of origin: Switzerland

Tweezers material: Stainless steel

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