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Valvrave V Hiuchiba




– Unit 5 of the defense type which wears the shield of impregnable
– The injection the carrying firearms’ bolt Phalanx “to be mounted on both forearms!
– Hard afterglow effect parts of ‘bolt Phalanx “for is attached. Can be reproduced in the play scene.
– Is reproduced in clear parts a specialized function equipment “IMP” that combines all the defense performance!
– Not only its own equipment, and reproduce the scene in the play in the shield to protect also the ally!
– Large shield of the shoulders, which is a characteristic of Unit 5 is reproduced along with the texture in clear parts.
– PIROT: Inuzuka Kyuma

– Accessories: IMP, bolts and Phalanx × 2, hard afterglow effect parts (bolt for Phalanx) × 4,
Fist (left and right), weapon handle (right and left), flat hand (left), dedicated pedestal


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