Wave Handy Router Mk.1 (USB Power Supply Type)


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Wave’s here to support your hobby life with their Handy Router Mk.1!

This small electric router comes with 10 tip bits. It’s convenient for cutting and polishing work in model production, and the body is lightweight and compact for easy handling. It’s a USB power supply type device, and can be used by connecting to a commercially available AC adapter (sold separately) or through a computer’s USB port.

Includes the following bit tips:

1) Conical Steel Cutter
2) Cylindrical Steel Cutter
3) 1.0mm Twist Drill
4) Spherical Diamond Bit
5) Needle Diamond Bit
6) Bullet Shape Diamond Bit
7) Oval Wheel Bit
8) Cylindrical whetstone bit
9) Brass brush bit
10) Pig hair brush bit

An AC adapter is not included with this product. Please prepare a separate AC adapter for charging smartphones and mobile phones, or a commercially available AC adapter that can be connected to USB.


Body Size: About 195mm x 28mm x 28mm (Excluding USB cable)
Weight: About 120g
Body Material: ABS, aluminum, brass, etc.
Plastic Casing Material: ABS, SBC resin
Accessories: 10 tip bits / plastic case
Motor output: 10W
Rotational speed: 3,000 to 12,000 (times / minute)
Corresponding bit size: Shaft system 0.3-3.0mm
Includes 10 bit tips
Rated usage time: 15 minutes
Supported power supply: USB AC adapter DC5V, 1.0 / 2.0A both types available (2.0A recommended)
An AC adapter is not included with this product

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