1/100 IMS Batsh the Black Knight


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IMS Series Description】

 IMS002 『BATSH the Black Knight』

 The opening of The Five Star Stories is colorfully decorated by the battle between the
 protagonist, MORTAR HEADD (MH) and the L.E.D. MIRAGE.

 Meister Rumiran Kurosubin, among many other masterpieces, is the creator of the MHs
 ENGAGE and the BERLIN of the Colus Empire.

 Created through the collaboration between Meister Rumiran Kurosubin and the great
 Meight Morado, the MH BATSCH was developed to be paired with the Fatima Est.
 Its outstanding capabilities in MH battles ensured that it would still be fighting more than a
 1000 years after its creation.

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