1/100 IMS L.E.D. Mirage V3 Inferno Napalm


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In order to replace the HORNED MIRAGE as the flagship craft of the MIRAGE knights, Amaterasu created the L.E.D. MIRAGE.Due to its violent nature, their basic instincts for destruction and killing is reflected and can only be controlled by a knight and his partnerwho bear the Blood Cross. It is a killing machine, designed by Amaterasu, that only obeys the Knight of Gold.

Produced by Chrome Ballanche, the Ride Gig System control mechanics are specifically designed for annihilation missions.One noteworthy body feature includes the new, compact and powerful “Super Eraser Engine”. When mounted on both calves, it forms the “Dual Twister Eraser System”, which allows for improved output balance and weight control.

Combined with the improved output power, this achieves a far surpassing level of performance compared to the conventional MHs with Eraser Engines mounted in their chests.


As the standard main weapon, the mounting of the “INFERNO NAPALM” can be seen as a massive flamethrower.

Two prime objectives of the MH are neutralization and annihilation
Contained in an enormous tank on its back, the “INFERNO NAPALM” carries
plasma-processed catalytic agent known as “Liquid R”.

It converts the liquid into gravity inside the Eraser Engine, producing radiated light energy that is fed into a generator. This creates an ultra-high temperature inferno known as the “Blowback Blaze”.

The inferno is then sent to the launcher that is fired at an accelerated rate near light speed. It uses the “Prominence Wave”, which is emitted by an auxiliary radioactive accelerator at the muzzle.

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