30MM Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon RaD CC-2000 Orbiter Nightfall Pre-Order


Estimated Arrival:

October 2024



Bandai adds items from the game “Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon” to their “30MM (30 Minutes Missions)” model-kit series! The impressive armored core Nightfall, piloted by Raven, helps debut the new lineup! The head, core, arms, and legs each use the same structure as other “30MM” items, allowing you to enjoy them as a plastic model kit just like in the game; 3mm joints are used to attach both shoulder weapons and some left-handed weapons. The left-handed weapon PB-0-33M Ashmead comes with replacement parts to display it in its ejected state, and head parts are included to reproduce the assault boost. Order yours today!

[Set Contents]:

PB-033M Ashmead injection state reproduction parts (x1 set)
Head parts

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