30MM Option Parts Set 11 (Large Cannon / Arm Unit)


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As part of their “30MM Option Parts” lineup, Bandai brings us this set of a large cannon and an arm unit! These option parts are ready to make your “30Minutes Missions” or “30Minutes Sisters” figure kits even more powerful and formidable! Customized head parts are also included. The large cannon and arm unit can be combined with the “30MM 1/144 Option Parts Set 9 (Large Booster Unit)” and “30MM 1/144 Option Parts Set 10 (Large Propellant Tank Unit)” to create a fully armored form! The head parts can be combined with items such as the “30MM 1/144 Option Parts Set 7 (Customized Head B).” All are sold separately. Order yours today!


Large cannon
Arm unit (left and right)
Large hand parts: flat hand (left and right), grip hand (left and right)
Customized head parts (mask x1, base parts x2)

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