30MS Option Hair Style & Face Parts Set (Tenka Osaki/Chiyuki Kuwayama) New Release




Combine these parts with Bandai’s 30MS Option Body Parts Beyond the Blue Sky 1 (Color A) and 30MS Option Body Parts Alpha Sisters Phantasm 1 (Color A) to create Tenka Osaki and Chiyuki Kuwayama from “The IdolM@ster”! The delicate flow of each character’s hair has been carefully sculpted; hair accessories can be attached and detached to match the costume design, and they can also be displayed without a hair ornament. Two types of tampo-printed facial expressions are included for each character. Order yours today!


Tenka Osaki face parts (tampo printed) (x2)
Chiyuki Kuwayama face parts (tampo printed) (x2)
Hairstyle parts (x1 set each)

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