Aoshima GR-02 Series Gattai Atlanger Omega


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The newest in Aoshima’s ‘Gattai’ series is here with the Atlanger Omega decked out in a red emblem motif! They feature the same frame structure as the rest of the series, and the included joint parts allow you to freely exchange and reassemble parts for your own unique combinations. It comes pre-molded in colour and includes decals for fast display right after assembly. New parts for Omega have been added, including bare skin parts for the arms and legs. The ‘Broken Cutter’ and ‘Miracle Defender’ are included as weapons, and Omega comes with pre-painted face parts, expression decals, and replaceable wrist parts. Order this amazing duo for your collection today!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 14cm
[Materials]: PS, ABS, PVC

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