30MM Customize Material (Pipe Parts/Multi-joint)


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Bandai brings us a new brand of official material parts: welcome the “Customize Material” lineup!

This set of pipe parts and multi-joints are ideal for 1/144-scale models, and make it easy for even beginning modelers to add details to their model kits! This set includes one Varnish Tube and two Lead Wires in black and red. A runner of multi-joints essential for customization is also included, including 3mm joints, C-type joints, and detail cover parts (includes round, hexagonal and roll-bar types). Use the joint parts to attach the Varnish Tube or Lead Wire to 3mm-diameter holes!

Get ready to create your ultimate custom mecha, and order yours today!


Varnish Tube (black/red)
Lead Wire (black/red) (x2)

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