Figure-Rise Standard – 1/12 Ultraman Suit Zero SC Type -Action-


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A new version of the Ultraman Suit Zero, specially treated to enter space-time, from the “Ultraman Gaiden” project “Ultraman Suit Another Universe Episode Zero,” is now a member of the “Figure-rise Standard” action figure-kit lineup from Bandai! This figure comes with the Wide Zero Shot armament, supervised by Eiichi Shimizu! Multiple ball joints in the abdomen increase the range of motion, accommodating forward bends and torso twists. You can select from two different types of abdominal parts: the type that prioritizes movement, and the type equipped with an optional built-in LED. Various parts such as the Zero Lance and a display stand are included as well. Order this new hero for your own collection today!


Wide Zero Shot
Zero Lance
Interchangeable hands (left and right, x2 each)
Base for display
Joint parts
Marking stickers

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